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Take your personal practice to the next level

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Have you thought about how you could make a start to a waning or non-existent yoga practice just adding one new, healthy dose of movement therapy to your week in the knowledge that you are doing something great for your health, wellness and longevity?

Take your practice it to the next level...find your inner stillness.

Just take that one step towards better health and wellness under expert are worth it!

If it is hard to move forward on your own...allow me, or a teacher in your area, to guide and motivate you with classes or private sessions, in person or online.

Yoga for Your Body, Mind and Spirit .... Yoga to Change Your Brain

Yoga practiced in typical Western-style is not yoga in it's entirely... this is merely one aspect of the vastness of this incredible gift to humanity. Yoga, at its alchemical best, encompasses and incorporates specific breathing techniques along with mindfulness and meditation and has been scientifically proven to change your brain, when practiced at all levels and not merely as an exercise routine to lift your 'booty' and tighten your thighs (while this is awesome and happens naturally through our asana practice, it is an added bonus, not our primary intention). Exercise is essential for our physical health but what about thinking, just for a moment, about how we can age more gracefully and beautifully, while still feeling 'useful' and 'on purpose?' Yoga is far more than merely an exercise program to follow and if this has been your perspective until now, you have sadly missed the point. Yes, It is a fact that as we age we NEED to MOVE but it is imperative that we focus on the quality of the exercise we choose, if we are to remain free of the inflammation and pain that literally propagates and fuels the aging process negatively.

Think about enrolling in a yoga class with an experienced yoga teacher or maybe even taking it to the next level by deepening your own practice and knowledge. You might even be inspired to enroll in a yoga teacher training specifically designed for the over 50's? There is a special place in our future generations for women and men, over 50, to not only learn about how absolutely incredible their lives could be with the right life-system, but also to lead, teach and share from a place of genuine wisdom and love, in service of humanity.

So if you are inspired to learn more and are still in your 'gym-mode' yoga practice, consider adding to your regime by finding a teacher who resonates with your soul and who you would want to learn from/with. Go more fully and more vibrantly - you are 'already enough' and perfectly ready to go to the next level. If you happen to be in the Greenville, S.C. area, just such a training will start in October 2018 - unique, individualized and open to only 6 participants.

About the author...

Karen Noonan, International Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500), Certified Yoga Therapist; P.hD.; and lead teacher in RYS200 (Yoga Alliance) program is an ex-Physical Education and Literature Teacher and has taught movement therapies for 34 years, in South Africa, Europe and the US. She has studied many styles of yoga and completed a number of Teacher Trainings in India, Turkey, Germany and the USA. She has owned and operated two movement/healing/yoga studios in SA (Sculptonetics) and SC, USA (Yoganize®). Karen is a Yoga Alliance Y-CEP (credit provider), Therapeutic Life Coach, Spiritual and Meditation Teacher, with speciality in Yoga Nidra. She incorporates energy healing techniques (Rieki and Touch For Health) into her unique style of teaching and has published a number of movement DVD's and Guided Meditations available on Amazon. She continues to study and teach yoga as well as to train future yoga teachers through her Yoganize Teacher Training Program 200Hours (registered with Yoga Alliance since 2011.)

Watch this space as we plan to launch our 300 Hour YTT program.

Published: February 7th 2019

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