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Experience the beauty of nature, from a forest teeming with the sounds of life, to a magnificent and magical, silent cave. Connect with God/Universe/Divine and choose to let go of all that no longer serves you or your highest good. Karen's unique English/South African accent and calming voice, along with subtle, theta background music, will encourage you to let go and allow yourself to enter a dreamlike state, while reconnecting you with your inner beauty & radiance and guiding you to find an incredible sense of peace and contentment as you feel more connected with all of creation.


Leave this meditation feeling happier, healthier and more balanced and positive than ever before, at one with the universe and with all beings, in peace and love. Feel inspired to dream big and to be open to your own expansiveness. Learn to see yourself as more positive and successful in every area of your life, and in turn, choose to be an inspiration in the lives of others as we work together to heal our planet, one breath and one soul at a time.


Karen Noonan's English/South African accent and her extensive background in healing, energy work and as a yoga and meditation teacher, work together to create the perfect environment for healing of body, mind and spirit. 



I Am One with All of Creation with Karen Noonan, Ph.D..

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