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Explore an expansive desert at dawn and experience the etherial beauty of an ancient pyramid as you journey on the most important excursion imaginable - the journey to self, in love and acceptance. We invite your Guardian Angels, God/Divine, Archangels and your spirit guides to be with you as you connect mind, body and spirit in seeking your individual soul purpose, as this serves your Highest good and all of humanity. You will leave this meditation feeling more energized, happier, healthier, confident, more balanced and positive than ever before, at one with the universe and with all beings, in peace and love. Feel inspired to share of yourself with all of humanity, in love as you open to your own expansiveness. Learn to see yourself as more positive and successful in every area of your life, and in turn, choose to be an inspiration in the lives of others as we work together to heal our planet, one breath and one soul at a time. Karen Noonan is a child of the world and she has been teaching yoga and meditation for many years, having studied education, yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Metaphysical Sciences and numerous healing modalities over the past 30 years (all of which have influenced her diverse teaching style) in South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, USA, Turkey and Germany.  


Karen's unique English/South African accent, calming voice and gentle, healing music, will encourage you to let go and allow yourself to enter a dreamlike state, exploring ancient pyramids while reconnecting your mind, body and spirit.


'I am blessed. May I be always a blessing.'



Desert Meditation with Karen Noonan, Ph.D.

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