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Healing Yoga Therapy DVD - For Arthritis, Autoimmune Issues, Health and Wellness.


This DVD is for everyone. You can work from your chair or from the floor. Perfect for seniors or even post-op recovery (once given your doctor’s approval).  This practice is healing and balancing for all levels and ages. Great for any autoimmune disease and even for those days the athlete needs to recover from a vigorous work-out.


The energy work included in this DVD will benefit everyone. Your energy levels will improve and you will feel better. The energy healing work is intended to optimize movement and to release stagnancy (energy blockages) and to thereby improve energy flow within the body, and so facilitating and enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself.


There are three ways to use this DVD:

1. Chair sequence followed by meditation.

2. Floor sequence followed by meditation.

3. Chair plus Floor sequences, followed by meditation.


So – you can tailor your practice to serve you on any given day, according to your energy levels and time.

Some of the benefits include:

- improvement of balance, coordination, memory

- lubricates joints

- treatment and prevention of pain

- improves flexibility, strength and muscle tone

- increases flow of energy

- normalizes blood pressure

- improves immunity

- calms central nervous system

What you will need:

- Chair

- 2 yoga blocks – to be used whenever additional support is needed (Please note that you can use blocks under hips or knees, when reclining. In other words, if at any time you feel a pull, place a block in either area to alleviate the discomfort – let your body be your guide, as we have not shown all options in this DVD. As you improve in flexibility and strength you will find that you no longer need to use blocks)

- blankets

- eye pillow (optional – enhances meditation)


Includes 2 meditations for healing.

Duration - 80 minutes

DVD Healing Yoga Therapy

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