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Take a walk through a magical forest to embrace the beauty of nature as you relax more deeply than you have in a long time. This hypnotic, healing meditation will guide you to a place where you feel safe and able to face and conquer fears and anxieities, while becoming more open to receive the blessings of greater happiness, peace and contentment. 


This meditation is suitable for everyone, even beginners. Know that even if you fall asleep while listenting to the calming words, (which is quite likely) your subconscious mind will still absorb the deeper meaning and intention of this meditation, and this will facilitate the internal shift desired.


This meditation was created to overcome the fears that have arisen during this Covid-19 crisis and this is my love offering ......It is my deep wish and prayer that this will bring you some comfort at this challenging time. This was not recorded in a sound studio as per normal  (practicing 'social distancing') and if you know me, you know that I call myself 'Ms. Technical' - tongue-in-cheek  (not very technical - but learning quickly) :) ...I hope you will understand if the sound is not 'perfect.' 


I am sending you much love and many blessings and I pray that you and yours will remain safe, healthy, at peace and happy at this time, and always.  I thank you for being a blessing in my life and I for sharing this healing guided meditation practice with me.


- Karen Noonan (Yoganize®))

Guided Meditation for Happiness, Peace...Release Fears & Anxiety

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