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Every being deserves to celebrate Divine and Perfect Health of body, mind and spirit, and so this meditation has been created with every soul in mind and can be used during the day or at night before drifting off to sleep....for your health and wellness. This meditation is ideal for restoring balance and creating the perfect environment in which healing can take place. Healing begins with a more positive mindset, with an intention for perfect health and a belief in the desired outcome. Through the beauty of nature, you will experience the space necessary to facilitate this journey within to health and wellness. Spend time at a beautiful, secluded cove surrounded by lush green trees. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the water and allow yourself to melt into a deep relaxation where your mind will be infused with positive and healing affirmations and instructions to feel better and more vibrant than ever before. Welcome God, angels and Arch-angels to guide and enhance your spiritual healing experience and feel completely relaxed, refreshed and renewed upon waking OR allow yourself to fall into a deep and peaceful sleep resolving to feel more alive than ever before on awaking in the morning. Great to STAY well and healthy and for anyone fighting illness, disease, depression or anxiety - this meditation will take you to a better and more positive mind-set and heart-space. My intention is that you feel the power that lies within you to heal and to feel wonderful - you deserve this and I send you love. and blessings in abundance. Enjoy feeling better than ever. Namaste! Karen Noonan (E-RYT 500; Yoga Therapist)


Karen's unique English/South African accent and calming voice, along with subtle, theta background music, will encourage you to let go and allow yourself to enter a dreamlike state, while Divinely healing your body, mind and spirit.

Meditation for Divine and Perfect Health with Karen Noonan, Ph.D.

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