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Sculptonetics with Karen Noonan.

Sculptonetics is suitable for men and women of all ages and all fitness levels (beginners to advanced will benefit). The programme is designed to help you achieve the figure that you have always

wanted by focusing on the various problem areas that we all have.

Why Sculptonetics?

  • safe exercises devised prescriptively to build up the specific areas

    necessary to treat and help prevent back, neck & knee pain.

  • working at your own pace & listening to your body is advocated, thereby preventing injury - you are advised to build your strength and flexibility levels slowly. i.e. Do what you can, stop where you

    need to, especially if you feel pain. 

  • effective for stress release 

  • you are able to target specific areas of your body

  • If done correctly it ensures a younger, leaner and healthier body within 8 hours of exercise 

  • improves coordination, flexibility and strength.

Sculpto Dynamix Exercise program digital (produced in 1992)

  • * Introduction

    1. Warm up - to prepare the body

    2. Stretching

    3. Adductors (inner thighs) - left leg

    4. Abductors (hips/buttock/thighs) - right leg

    5. Abdominals

    6. Abductors II (hips/buttocks/thighs) - right

    7. Arms/shoulder/back

    8. Adductors - right

    9. Abductors - left

    10. Quadriceps (thighs) / Knees

    11. Abductors II - left

    12. Gluteals (buttocks) / Hamstrings (thighs)

    13. Cool down and Relaxation

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