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Beautiful, soothing words and soul-stirring music to heal every cell of your body and expand your mind as you focus on making your dreams a reality. Use your creative power to plant seeds of positivity for your future.


Experience the beauty and magnificence of a field of sunflowers and become infused with positivity as you heal and balance body, mind and spirit. Release fears and doubts and manifest your dreams as you become open to Divine Blessings and prosperity in all areas of your life. Expand your consciousness to become more inspired, happier and healthier than ever before. Be open to dream big and to truly live in greater happiness and love. Karen's unique English/South African accent and calming voice, along with subtle, theta background music, will encourage you to let go and allow yourself to bask in the glow of positivity - in a dreamlike state - while balancing the third chakra (Manipura/solar plexus.) Bathe in the healing words and affirmations designed to take you into a deeper state of consciousness and being. Be open to creativity, prosperity, perfect health and well-being and genuinely desire this for all of humanity, as you expand your consciousness. Release fears, doubts, guilt, grief, anxiety, anger, depression, sadness, regret and open your mind, body and heart/spirit to receive the divine blessings that you so richly deserve - peace, joy, love, oneness, prosperity, health and a positive mindset. Leave this meditation feeling happier, healthier and more balanced and positive than ever before, inspired to dream big and to be open to your own expansiveness. Learn to see yourself as more positive and successful in every area of your life, and in turn, choose to be an inspiration in the lives of others as we work together to heal our planet, one breath and one soul at a time. Karen is a child of the world and she has been teaching yoga and meditation for many years, having studied education, yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts and numerous healing modalities over the past 36 years (all of which have influenced her diverse teaching style) in South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, USA, Turkey and Germany. She has owned and operated two healing/yoga studios - in Pretoria, South Africa(Sculpto Dynamix) and in Greenville, SC, USA (Yoganize, LLC) and she has created 3 DVD's.

Sunflower Meditation with Karen Noonan, Ph.D.

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