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Allow the ocean air to cleanse your mind of any negative thoughts as you relax deeply and release all fears, worries and concerns, to find greater clarity, peace and calm. Be open to truly embrace this beautiful life and your true self, in love.


In Temple of love, explore a beautiful temple nestled in the mountainside, overlooking the ocean. This deeply relaxing and hypnotic meditation allows you to be open to finding your true, authentic self as you return to heart-center. From a place of safety and love, you will be encouraged to explore and recognize your hidden passions and your soul path. With the help of your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and the Archangels, you will feel a closer connection to your source, to God/Divine/Creator, and recognize the gift that you are to so many as you begin to understand that you are important and worthy. This is where healing of body, mind and spirit begins.


You will leave this meditation feeling refreshed and renewed, excited about your life and your soul journey ..... content and happy in the knowledge that you have so much to contribute to this beautiful world and in the knowledge that YOU ARE THE GIFT and that you are blessed beyond measure.


Karen Noonan's English/South African accent and her extensive background in healing, energy work and as a yoga and meditation teacher, work together to create the perfect environment for healing of body, mind and spirit. 


Temple Of Love Meditation with Karen Noonan, Ph.D.

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